Happy Birthday Selena <3

Happy birthday to the queen of tejano music, Selena Quintanilla-Perez. She would have been 43 years old.

April 16th, 1971-March 31st, 1995

You would of been 43 today! I know you’re doin Cumbias in heaven. I love you.

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Part 2… Because they’re adorable… Chris & Selena<3
…Because they’re cute! Chris & Selena <3

Some of Selena’s outfits she wore when performing on stage.

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It is so hard trying to find sources (articles) online about selena cause they are written by bloggers if you know what I mean….

Need a article on her rise to fame / impact of her death (popularity after) etc.

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lesbian-a-la-mode: "I saw a video on youtube of oprah interviewing Jeniffer Lopez and Selena's family talking about the movie"

Thank you darling I will look that up to see if it’s what I need :)

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Selena Q + smiles

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I need 7-10 sources before Monday! (I think)

I need articles on the selena film or a video(on anyone talking about how she was portrayed in the movie) I saw chris talking about it but cant find video

— Her rise to fame (how she started out then till her death)

— Impact of death ie: popularity…

— Her music!

-BTW This is on Selena obviously(: its for my presentation !

————- It’s so hard finding sources but its required for my college course.