Such a dork!

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Anyone watching Selena on Encorefam ?

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Selena + Awards

Did anyone catch selena on encore i just caught the ending ha.

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“When I’m singing, I’m another person. I can be really free, in the sense that I can do whatever I want. I can deliver all my songs with a lot of emotion if it’s a sad song… and with much happiness if it’s a really fun song. It depends. And when I’m in my house, I’m like any other normal person.”


The majority of the pictures i post i find through all kinds of websites on the internet…if i see they were from a legit photographer that actually took them id glady put some kind of credit..but if you’re gon be mad just cuz you “posted it first” i cant help you.  And its not called stealing.  And guess what? they’ll be posted over and over and over again because thats the internet! Get over it because thats incredibly childish.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAYING THIS! I get called names because of this crap.

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i have been gone a bit sorry y’all back now. Just celebrated my 23rd birthday a few days ago on the 12th! :)

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